Monday, February 09, 2009


While devotees thronged Batu Caves on Sunday, I made my way to Ampang Jaya to meet Zaharan Razak, a blogger and a fellow Terengganunian. Zaharan rode his new kapchai ( that's a small Honda bike, Louis) all the way from Kuala Ibai to KL and Pak Idrus invited him to tea. Pak Idrus invited a few other bloggers as well but they could not make it.

They missed the scones. Yes, genuine English scones with butter and jam, No crumpets or strumpets but Pak Idrus also laid out wajik, fried noodles, fruits and my all-time favourite, caramel custard.
The spread

Caramel Custard for dentally challenged dudes

Pak Idrus is bent on collecting as many gadgets as he can. So far he has 2 laptops, 1 Netbook. pdaphones and a new Nikon DSLR. After Zaharan did justice to the scones, Pak Idrus fired up his brand-new Toshiba laptop and buzzed a blogger friend in Seattle via Skype. Even though it was the wee hours of the morning in Seattle, Louis sounded cheerful on the mike and he looked cheerful and friendly on the screen. All three of us chatted with Louis. I am surprised that he reads my blog (Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering). I would be even more surprised if Louis understand most of the patois.
Louis on line
Pak Idrus would not let me go home but wanted me to have dinner with him first. He took Zaharan and I to Cozy House at Great Eastern Mall. The place was packed but we were lucky to get a table where Pak Idrus resumed his discourse on various topics.

Pak Idrus wanted to think. Zaharan wanted his dinner.

Tea in a bottle

Among the topic of the conversation during dinner was the breakdown of taboos for the sake of marketing. You know what I mean - kway teow served in wok and drinks served in jars.

I got back in time to watch the second half of the Arsenal-Spurs match. In spite of the score line, it was a nice evening.

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Pak Idrus said...

Pokku, thanks for coming. It was great having you over for that tea and the dinner later on. The writeup and the images were indeed great. Thanks for the good words as well.

Asmah and I did enjoy the day. Have a nice day.