Monday, February 23, 2009


Go to any big bookstores and you will find people in the reading rooms or on the floor reading books that are not wrapped in cellophane. You can do the same in libraries.
If you are not a speed-reader but want a free read, why not try ebooks? There are free ebooks that you can read on your pc, laptop, pda or on some mobile phones.

Ebooks or electronic books come in various formats. Those that can be read online are mostly in html formats. Some are pdf (Portable Document Format) files that can be read on your browsers if you have Acrobat Reader© installed. You can also save pdf files. There are also ebooks that come in .exe files. They are self-contained and ready to read although I would advise caution when opening any .exe files. Check for virus, worms and spyware. Anyway, the pages that offer free ebooks will tell you if you need a software to read the books. The software needed is usually offered free. Of course, if you are well-heeled you can also opt for the many dedicated ebook reader machines that you can take everywhere. For people already with iPods, pda or sophisticated phones, I do not think you should spend more money buying the ebook hardware, buy the not-free ebooks instead.

What can you expect from free books? Plenty. If you browse the links I am giving you at the end of this post, you can see that many subjects are covered. Go browse while I try to get used to Sir Richard Burton's translation of "1001 Nights".

Hey, I do not have to lick my fingers to turn the pages on my ancient Zire 71.