Sunday, February 01, 2009


As a naive non-partisan senile old man, I am a little bit amused at the media's (old and new, mainstream, upstream and downstream) preoccupation with members of political parties changing horses abruptly.

Defectors are labelled weak, traitors, Judas, ingrates, katak and other uncomplimentary names by the abandoned party while being hailed as a hero, principled, patriot or whatever else by their new bedfellows. Now, for would be defectors, let an old man give you unsolicited advice. Do not ask me if I have ever defected. I do not have a political party. I haven't died either so would that disqualify me from advising you about dying? If dying is too morbid for you, let us go to the opposite side. Birth. One of my daughter's gynae never got pregnant but he gets money giving advice to pregnant people. Ok, now that you get my drift let us get on with this defection thing.

For would be defectors, the English nursery rhyme
Sticks and Stones
Will Break My Bones
But Names Will Never Hurt Me.
is good to repeat to yourself unless they really start to throw sticks, stones, terompah and other missiles. When that happens, you either recall your silat/kungfu/kalari payat lessons on evasive moves or locate the fattest cat in your new-found group to hide behind.

There is a better way though. I shall call this the toma'ninoh way. I shall not explain what toma'ninoh is simply because I am on a borrowed wireless broadband which has the habit of disconnecting me at irritating intervals. The less I stay online, the safer. If you are not familiar with the word, go get a Muslim worth his pioh lembik to elaborate. The toma'ninoh way is to do it in stages. If you change your mind in politics or have your mind changed for you because of your principles (assuming you have some to begin with) do not switch parties immediately. No toma'ninoh there. If you cannot reconcile your principles to what your party is doing or subscribing to, you speak your mind. No go? Resign. You cannot beat them, leave them. Join another party to continue your struggle after taking the time to identify which party suits your objectives best. People have short memory. Give them time to forget. Of course you cannot apply this if the repossessors are at your electric gate waiting to take your SUV away. If you change parties for monetary gains, you deserve all the contempts you can get, including mine.

For political parties suffering defections present and future, here is my 2 sen. Get an "A" and put it in defection. You get defecation. No defecation and you are not regular. Waste must be discharged at regular intervals otherwise you get constipated and lose elections. So let the other side have the shit. Do not blame me for bringing the toilet into this but I read a politician writing in his blog that leaders are elected in the loo. Isn't "purge" a political term too? Chew on that.

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